Dear Friends,
I welcome you all to take a pleasant viewing of our Interactive Web Site We are committed to serve each and every one who walks into Brar Eye Hospital to the best of our abilities, in a dedicated and professional manner and with a humane touch. Now no one needs to go to a metropolis or to a far off city for quality eye care, as we provide latest, state of the art, world-class facilities at doorstep, at an affordable cost. This was duly authenticated in 2011 when BEH became the first hospital in the entire North India to be accredited by National Accreditation Board for Hospitals and Healthcare Providers (NABH) [a wing of Quality Council of India (QCI) – an autonomous organ of Govt. of India] for its quality, transparency and safety to patients in providing international level eye care services.

I attribute the credit for the tremendous trust of the people that BEH has won, to our team. For they have always shared responsibilities equally, served the patients with empathy, celebrated every achievement and extended a firm helping hand at all times. In fact, they are the people who have made crossing hurdles seem effortless for BEH.

Together, I’m certain, we can make BEH the best eye care provider in India. We Serve with Smile and Sincerity. I hope that by going through the various sections of our website most of your queries and apprehension about eye care in general and that provided at our hospital have been resolved. However if you still feel the need you can talk to us or write an e- mail. It is my humble request to all our patrons to provide us your feedback as that helps us to serve you better.