What is Smile ® Pro ?

SMILE® pro is the most advanced technology available in refractive laser treatments.  SMILE® pro is beyond PRK and LASIK as it offers robotic precision, flapless technology and being minimally invasive (2mm). It is the only procedure that causes minimal to no dry eyes which helps in offering you a free, active lifestyle.

Smile Pro VISUMAX® 800 from  lets you create a comfortable patient experience and gain confidence in your workflow. It represents a new evolution of  femtosecond lasers, offering reduced laser time in comparison to its predecessors while making tissue separation with SMILE® pro easier than before.  


Increased laser frequency and faster cut speeds.

Create the lenticule in less than 10 seconds 3 and complete a flap cut in approximately 5 seconds4. This performance is driven by a faster laser pulse repetition rate of 2 MHz and an innovative scanner system.
All this ensures a very short overall suction time.


Shorter suction time and reduced stress.

The faster cutting speed leads to a shorter suction time, which reduces the probability of a potential suction loss. This can increase peace of mind and reduce stress for you and your patients during the laser treatment.

Smart robotic assistance.

Get in position to take control

Intelligent robotic assistant systems, such as cyclotorsion and centration aid, can help in  enhancing control during your procedures. In every way, the device has been designed to deliver state-of-the-art performance that adds efficiency and ergonomics


Top 8 Reason to go for Smile ® Pro


6×6 Vision

Standard refractive outcome in terms of efficacy, predictability, safety, stability and refractive aestheticism.

Robotic Minimally Invasive Procedure

With the robotic precision, ZEISS SMILE® pro is gentle and minimally invasive compared to other laser vision correction procedures. A keyhole incision as small as 2 mm is made for lenticule extraction.

Simpler & Faster

As the fastest laser in the vision correction history, it takes only 9 seconds to reshape your cornea. And the overall procedure takes just a few minutes.

Eyes Stay Strongest with HD Vision

Flapless lenticule extraction technique maximally protects the structural integrity of cornea and causes less disruption of the peripheral collagen fibers.

Bladeless, Flapless, All Laser

SMILE® pro is the only procedure that offers bladeless, flapless technology offering an active lifestyle to the patient (boxing, swimming, running, etc.). No flap related complications and dry eyes.

Reduced Dry Eyes with Better Contrast Sensitivity

Clinical studies have shown that SMILE® pro preserve the corneal nerves better when compared to LASIK/PRK thereby lowering the dry eye and related discomfort.

Better Contrast Sensitivity

Negligible Halos and Glare

Great night vision to enjoy your drive and evening parties

Rapid Visual Recovery

Most people return to their normal activities the very next day.

Freedom from Lenses/Glasses

SMILE® pro is designed to eliminate your need for glasses and contacts.